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Shenzhen Green Energy Lighting Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of norm-compliant interior LED lamps and outdoor LED luminaires

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  • Phone: +86-755-36615696
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    7 Bldg, Meter World Industrial Park, Guiyue Road,Guanlan, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Green Energy Lighting is an established lighting manufacturer with a wealth of experience in OEM and ODM across product design, engineering, assembly and certification. The team at Green Energy is delighted to deliver a suite of products that can fulfill virtually any commercial, industrial or residential lighting requirement. Founded in 2009, Green Energy aspires to become the preferred value-added LED lighting provider, known for its cost-effective solutions without sacrificing on quality or service. In every aspect of Green Energy's operations its people take pride in offering solutions and products that truly make sense by implementing new ideas and the integrating new technology into its product development and manufacturing.

Green Energy's wide assortment of catalogued products comprise of primarily two categories - interior LED lamps and outdoor LED luminaires. Green Energy carries a selection of LED bulbs that include PAR, MR16, GU10, BR, G9, PLC, A19 and AR111 bulbs. The company also manufactures LED downlights, LED track lights, rigid LED light strips and LED desk lamps. Built on its fast-growing technology and engineering capabilities, Green Energy continuously expands its product line to offer a variety of sustainable lighting solutions that make use of the latest technology. Green Energy provides a complete turnkey solution for the outdoor and industrial lighting market with the accelerated of new products that combine design, innovation and energy efficiency. As part of its strategic growth plan, Green Energy introduced its lineup of high output lighting products including LED shoeboxes, LED canopy lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED wall packs, and LED area lights.

From LED bulbs and LED lamps way through to high power LED luminaires, Green Energy fully embraces the opportunities that come with change. Through performance engineering and value-added production using its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Green Energy has stayed true to its philosophy of delivering quality products with quality service. The company implements stringent ISO standards and product-specific measuring technologies throughout every step of development and manufacturing process to ensure all its products come with superior performance and failsafe reliability. Green Energy holds worldwide recognized certifications and approvals such as UL, ETL, DLC, Energy Star, GS, CE, and SAA for its norm-compliant products.
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